Looking for the ultimate low cost work place?

Low cost
- Rather than making these overly designed, we’ve kept it simple and these make them more ‘turnkey’ and much lower in price!

Option to include a live in flat.
- Have one place of operation is smart when you’re starting off.

Garage and store front super accessible
No matter what your business is, we’ve thought a lot about how you can present your services to the public. We’ve created a highly versatile design so that whether you’re a mechanic, a lawyer, a high tech company or tire factory – you can welcome customers in professionally.

Custom build to your needs
So far units are to include a automatic garage door, office, bathroom and shower. However it’s still early enough to make these completely custom to what you need. Just call us to discuss further details.

Unit Sizes
Between 200 m2 - 400 m2 depending on your business needs.

There’s only going to be 2 made initially and we are offering them to you NOW. So be in quick. Register your interest by applying below.