The Power of Collaboration in Business

A couple of questions we feel are worth constantly asking are:

Are we at a plateau in our current business?

And if so what’s stopping us moving forward?

So why is it worth asking these? Well, it’s easy to fall into the day to day rhythm without stepping back and reviewing how to optimize your approach. There’s obviously lots of areas of business that requires attention here. Today however, we are going to focus on collaboration, and just ask the simple question

Are we as a business collaborating in a way that will maximize our long term growth?

Now, it’s easy to look at the immediate reality and say ‘yes’ we collaborate a lot, and it’s hard to see what else you could do to collaborate more. But often this means looking outside of the box and thinking even further ahead by asking, who can I collaborate with in a years time? Because if there’s someone or a company that’s not on your list… It’s time to start making the initial connection and seeding the relationship.

Of course there’s a chance this may not pay off. But in the same breath, it totally could turn into the biggest opportunity for your company in a years time.

As a business park, we try to foster these relationships as much as possible. We have a tremendous network of businesses. Some that reside in the park and some that don’t. Ultimately, though, we try and create the business environment to make this possible, so that the connections can flow organically.

We feel as a business park, it’s not just about the facilities we provide. Of course they are important. But it goes beyond that to the connections we make and the people we introduce.

How do you facilitate collaboration both in your company and outside?