6 Reasons off-shore businesses move to New Zealand

We all know it’s not easy picking up your business and moving to another country. It’s not just adapting to a new currency, but you need to set up a new business, adapt to a new culture and transition any physical equipment over.

So if all this is true – Why are businesses moving to New Zealand?

  1. The perfect test bed for new business opportunities - New Zealand is a smaller market place that is highly representative of the world. But some things are incredibly innovative here. It’s the perfect test bed to validate new solutions before they are rolled out globally. Both Google and Facebook conduct a lot of their early market tests in New Zealand.

  2. Great incentives for business owners - New Zealand offers some very impressive Research & Development grants and there’s investors looking for standout companies here. You can find more info on these here. In fact world leading investors such as Peter Thiel’s Founder’s Fund are coming into New Zealand to find new innovations. They have already invested in 3 NZ companies, and they have scouts that come out here.

  3. Get the innovative edge - Though New Zealand is perceived to be a long way away. It’s also incredibly innovative. So if you already know how to scale and are looking for a new edge. Being around New Zealander’s and employing them could give that 10x edge you are looking for. It’s a well known fact that Oracle employed New Zealanders to help to build their unbeatably innovate boat that won the America’s cup.

  4. It’s a beautiful country and you can win at business too - You can have the lifestyle and build a great business. Companies like Xero and Vend are showing that you can create industry leading companies and products from New Zealand.

  5. Ease of doing business - The world values Kiwis. We are a friendly country and have proved to be the #1 easiest place to do business in the world. (The ease of doing business index is an index created by Simeon Djankov at the World Bank Group. Empirical research is needed to establish the optimal level of business regulation—for example, what the duration of court procedures should be and what the optimal degree of social protection is). Secondly New Zealand companies can incorporate their businesses in just one day and register a property in two. That’s incredibly competitive. In fact, in 2018, Inc rated New Zealand as the #12 best place to start a business in the world.

  6. Kiwis want businesses to move here so there’s a ton of extra support - It’s no secret that New Zealand is a small country. We have a lot of room per population. Our population density is relatively low, at 15 people per square kilometre. That means we can accommodate lots more people and we realise that boosting our economy is important. We are also a wonderfully diverse nation. With that said we go out of our way to help and we care about the success of others.

    So tell us, if you’re thinking of making the move and have questions or want to find out more. We’re all willing to help you here in New Zealand. Give us a call at the OC Park on 021-877-142 or we’re confident lots of other kiwis will go out of their way to help!!