This month in the OC Park 

Things have been moving fast so we haven't given an update as regular as we would like. We've mainly been helping the 3 new companies that are in the process of moving in! Welcome! 

We're also planning our next stage of development which we expect will be available later in the year or earlier in 2020. So if you'd like to secure a spot let us know. To those who don't know much about the Park. The OC Park has all services - Gas, UFB , Power and water  smart modern new development with sustainable features ready to go. It's one of the fastest growing business parks in the Wellington Region. 


We only have 2 lots available. One sized at 808sqm and one 1376sqm. 

We also have a couple of building leasing options opening up. There is an office space available for 240sqm offices for mid year next year. So there's a chance to snap this up now. 


We are working on the consent for the next stage of 9 lots this would ready late 2019 or 2020. 

For any other updates or questions, feel free to call our managing director, Stuart on 021 877 142