What's going on in the Wellington Region In Commercial Property

It's an exciting time to be alive in the Kapiti region! Especially if you're in business. Why...? 

... There's a shift happening that we've been waiting a long time for... Literally for years. The highway has come. And it's good. 

Historically you needed to be in or near Wellington if you needed to conduct business. But now it's a much faster trip into town things are changing. 

1. A focus on servicing Wellington AND the rest of the Upper North Island

The focus has always been how to get closer to Wellington. Now it's about being able to service Wellington, while at the same time servicing Auckland and Central NZ (because the balance is more possible than ever) – as that's where the big money is and most of our population resides! If you're selling up north, then basing yourself in Kapiti or slightly more north is a head start (and a cost cutting option on shipping).

The focus has always been how to get closer to Wellington. Now it’s about being able to service Wellington, but being able to service Auckland and Central NZ – as that’s where the big money is!
— Stuart Pritchard, OC Park Director

2. The populations growing. Rent and housing prices are heating up in Wellington and it's driving people north. 

Young couples for example are being forced to look for their first house or land outside of the city. Living on the Kapiti Coast gives people a better recreational lifestyle with a great community and beach lifestyle – without the big drain of commuting times that there once was to the City. This means there's more qualified people in Kapiti than ever before.

3. There's big investment options especially in commercial property (and residential). 

Business Parks like ours are starting to fill up fast. It's something we've been preparing for as the road was being prepared. However now it's really happening. With new residential subdivisions jumping on the wave, the timing seems VERY good to invest. 

Anyway, that's our latest update to you and the top 3 big shifts we see happening in the region. 

If you'd like to learn more or think there's some we are missing let us know and we'll add them to this post so it's more valuable to our readers! 

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