The top 5 things to consider when moving your commercial business

Moving a business is a big deal.

It's not easy to pick your operations up and set up in a new location. It's costly and plain frustrating.

That's exactly why it's right to get your workplace right. 

Here are our guidelines we've learnt from selling commercial property in NZ, and of course doing what we can as property managers, to ensure our tenants thrive. 

1. Ask if you really need to be on the main strip

Not every business needs to be located in the centre stage. Although it can give a business lots of credibility... It comes at a cost. And that could mean a lot less profitability. 

Therefore we ask people if they actually need to be in the centre of Wellington. There's obviously pros and cons to both. But if you are running a distribution business or high tech business and you can get to customers online or through other channels, it may be a huge waste of cash. For example Central Wellington or even Petone commercial land and leases can be seriously pricey. 

2. Good access (on road, shipping, minimal congestion).

This is a little obvious, but ask if you can distribute your products fast? If not it's going to cost you a lot. Make sure you can get to a highway easily if you are shipping goods. As a business park, we are strategically located just off the new expressway which is critical for many companies. Also being a little North of Wellington allows people to ship North and South a little easier. So being central is important. So definitely consider this.

3. Comfortable facilities close by (you want your staff to enjoy their workplace)

Your staff likely appreciate a good cafe where they can get great lunches and coffees without paying through the nose. Getting out of the factory or office to go grab a bite at a good cafe gives them a chance to reset and this will likely add to your productivity. The old saying goes, look after your people and the profits will come. We feel this is absolutely true.

4. Room to expand.

The last thing you want is to find a new place and then have to move again when you've grown a bit two years later. Yes, of course, this is a good problem to have. But honestly, it will be painful when it happens. So it's best to consider a workplace where you have room to expand.

5. A team of allies next door. 

Business and work can be stressful. Therefore having great people around and a community outside of your company to connect with can both be refreshing and motivating. One thing we think is a hidden secret of a business park is the chance you get to meet other companies that have different perspectives. This can create new insights, serendipity and partnerships you never would've got on your own!

Anyway those are our top 5 factors to consider when moving a business. Stay tuned for our next posts.

Finally, if you haven't – check out the OC Park here. Be sure to watch the video and see if the park is something that could work for you. We are selling out quickly and we are now approaching a second stage of lots. So it's a great chance to snap up a great deal before the land prices appreciate due to people coming north from the new expressway!