Otaki Commercial Park 'Updates' from Stuart Pritchard

It’s been a while since we gave an update to friends and our networks on the progress we’ve been making at the park. 

This last year has been fantastic. We have seen exciting growth not only in the park but also in the region. So for those who have been out of the loop, here’s a little update on progress. 

Stage 1a and 1b is now virtually full and we have some amazing tenants here now.

How stage 1a used to look:

How stage 1a looks today: 

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-18 at 9.10.53 PM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-18 at 9.10.53 PM.jpeg

So with that said, it’s all about stage 2 at the moment and we are proud to report that stage two is filling fast too. 

To show you some progress…

Here’s how stage two looked earlier this year: 

48 Riverbank Estate Drone pic overall 13 04 18.jpg

Here’s how stage two looks now:

OCP REL stage 1 C drones overall 010618.jpg

… Sometimes it's hard to stop and look back at the view and how far we've come. So this post is about us stopping for a second to say thank you, and that we look forward to continuing to work with all you amazing talented people that we have met along the way!  

In closing, we get that there's still lots to do, and we are very grateful for all your support and helping us get that step closer to our vision, being: to create an affordable park that empowers great businesses to create their dream workplace. 

We are always working towards supporting our tenants and partners to make this more of a reality so as always, please continue to let us know how we can help you! 

Kindest Regards,

Stuart Pritchard
Managing Director

Our 5 Reasons to move your life to the Kapiti Region

It’s no secret that many Wellington folks live in the Wellington and spend their weekends up in Kapiti to break free from the city life. But how many really consider that if they moved out here and commuted in for a day or two, how much their lifestyle could be improved. 

Here are some of the benefits we see living in Kaptiti. 

1. So Much Space 

Yes, it sounds obvious, but paying Wellington prices in Kapiti, you really can have a lot! There’s fantastic sections in Raumati, Paraparaumu and Waikanae with huge backyards making this area a prime spot for raising a family and enjoying the weekends. Better still, there’s no crowds!

2. Beauty, Nature And Beaches

There’s not much we need to say here, but Kapiti has stunning beaches overlooking Kapiti Island. It really can be paradise. To explain it in pictures, here’s a Paraparaumu beach morning we shot a few days back. Clearly people overseas would kill to live here! It really is worth a short commute if you have a series of meetings to attend in Wellington. 


3. The climate

You’ll get to enjoy a slight temperature bump. Otaki (nicknamed ‘Sunny Otaki’) is just that little bit warmer! But this is a trend all throughout the Kapiti Coast. If you think that temperate can affect your mood, and a better mood means more happiness in general, and that leads to a better living standard. Then we shouldn’t take temperature lightly! 

4. Beach community, character and class

Kapiti is the home of some stunning brunch outlets and cafes. It’s a great place to meet for business and in the weekends! Not to mention there’s many top class restaurants to discover!! 

Moreover, it’s got such a stress free vibe to it! 

5. A Faster Commute to the City

The expressway is merging the regions and it really is that good. Ask any one that does the five day commute and they will have lots of positive things to say! It also has easy access around the region. Within 20 minutes drive you can do so many great activities. For instance, if you’re a golfer, you’ve got 4 golf courses to choose from including the Paraparaumu golf club which is world class.

... In summary, things are changing and it’s a bold move to not consider the coast lifestyle! With it’s better access points, it’s becoming a bigger hub for business. Not to mention, technology has enabled us to thrive in an environment like Kapiti like never before. We can meet people all over the world through Skype. Infrastructure and shipping is always making improvements.  

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

But we say in earnest... honestly, consider Kapiti… it’s seriously great!!

Gorge Cafe Thank You For Keeping Us Firing!

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day business and forget how good we've got it in the OC Park. 

Yip, we've got great coffee and superb food whenever we want it - literally just footsteps away! 

Sometimes we have to consider the opposite situation - a bad cafe as our local (or worse – NO Cafe). 

But honestly it's great, whenever we have business partners around or the chance to show people to the Park we've truly got a great environment to have meetings! 

So this is where we write a quick post to thank the Gorge Cafe for not just feeding us. But feeding us well (and keeping it super affordable also)!

Here's what they've got going this week - if you're in the area and in the market for a delicious highly affordable lunch! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 3.25.19 PM.png

Even better, if you'd like to check out the Park this week, to show off the great food and thank Gorge Cafe for their great support and service - we're offering lunch on us to the first 3 business owners* interested in swinging by the park for their first tour next week (the week starting 3rd September)! 

Offer ends - September 6th.Just be one of the first to email me here by then with the subject line 'Free Lunch': stuart@sepnz.co.nz

*Offer is only applicable to new businesses that have not yet toured the park. 

What's going on in the Wellington Region In Commercial Property

It's an exciting time to be alive in the Kapiti region! Especially if you're in business. Why...? 

... There's a shift happening that we've been waiting a long time for... Literally for years. The highway has come. And it's good. 

Historically you needed to be in or near Wellington if you needed to conduct business. But now it's a much faster trip into town things are changing. 

1. A focus on servicing Wellington AND the rest of the Upper North Island

The focus has always been how to get closer to Wellington. Now it's about being able to service Wellington, while at the same time servicing Auckland and Central NZ (because the balance is more possible than ever) – as that's where the big money is and most of our population resides! If you're selling up north, then basing yourself in Kapiti or slightly more north is a head start (and a cost cutting option on shipping).

The focus has always been how to get closer to Wellington. Now it’s about being able to service Wellington, but being able to service Auckland and Central NZ – as that’s where the big money is!
— Stuart Pritchard, OC Park Director

2. The populations growing. Rent and housing prices are heating up in Wellington and it's driving people north. 

Young couples for example are being forced to look for their first house or land outside of the city. Living on the Kapiti Coast gives people a better recreational lifestyle with a great community and beach lifestyle – without the big drain of commuting times that there once was to the City. This means there's more qualified people in Kapiti than ever before.

3. There's big investment options especially in commercial property (and residential). 

Business Parks like ours are starting to fill up fast. It's something we've been preparing for as the road was being prepared. However now it's really happening. With new residential subdivisions jumping on the wave, the timing seems VERY good to invest. 

Anyway, that's our latest update to you and the top 3 big shifts we see happening in the region. 

If you'd like to learn more or think there's some we are missing let us know and we'll add them to this post so it's more valuable to our readers! 

Be sure to check out our home page and learn more about the OC Park too. We can offer you as a business A LOT for a very reasonable price.

The top 5 things to consider when moving your commercial business

Moving a business is a big deal.

It's not easy to pick your operations up and set up in a new location. It's costly and plain frustrating.

That's exactly why it's right to get your workplace right. 

Here are our guidelines we've learnt from selling commercial property in NZ, and of course doing what we can as property managers, to ensure our tenants thrive. 

1. Ask if you really need to be on the main strip

Not every business needs to be located in the centre stage. Although it can give a business lots of credibility... It comes at a cost. And that could mean a lot less profitability. 

Therefore we ask people if they actually need to be in the centre of Wellington. There's obviously pros and cons to both. But if you are running a distribution business or high tech business and you can get to customers online or through other channels, it may be a huge waste of cash. For example Central Wellington or even Petone commercial land and leases can be seriously pricey. 

2. Good access (on road, shipping, minimal congestion).

This is a little obvious, but ask if you can distribute your products fast? If not it's going to cost you a lot. Make sure you can get to a highway easily if you are shipping goods. As a business park, we are strategically located just off the new expressway which is critical for many companies. Also being a little North of Wellington allows people to ship North and South a little easier. So being central is important. So definitely consider this.

3. Comfortable facilities close by (you want your staff to enjoy their workplace)

Your staff likely appreciate a good cafe where they can get great lunches and coffees without paying through the nose. Getting out of the factory or office to go grab a bite at a good cafe gives them a chance to reset and this will likely add to your productivity. The old saying goes, look after your people and the profits will come. We feel this is absolutely true.

4. Room to expand.

The last thing you want is to find a new place and then have to move again when you've grown a bit two years later. Yes, of course, this is a good problem to have. But honestly, it will be painful when it happens. So it's best to consider a workplace where you have room to expand.

5. A team of allies next door. 

Business and work can be stressful. Therefore having great people around and a community outside of your company to connect with can both be refreshing and motivating. One thing we think is a hidden secret of a business park is the chance you get to meet other companies that have different perspectives. This can create new insights, serendipity and partnerships you never would've got on your own!

Anyway those are our top 5 factors to consider when moving a business. Stay tuned for our next posts.

Finally, if you haven't – check out the OC Park here. Be sure to watch the video and see if the park is something that could work for you. We are selling out quickly and we are now approaching a second stage of lots. So it's a great chance to snap up a great deal before the land prices appreciate due to people coming north from the new expressway!